Kaspar Hamacher loves wood and his chain saw.

„With nature as his starting point, Kaspar Hamacher (1981) focuses on physical rather than conceptual design and considers himself a craftsman rather than a designer. While exploring the limits of his material, he looks for authenticity in every step of his work process. In doing so he sublimates craftsmanship and art into poetic industrial design.“
HORST Arts&Music




Der K-Tisch


Die Chaise-longue


Der Hocker no. 7


Die Baumbank


Die X-Bank


Der Stein


Der Esstisch


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Sea Fever – Fotografien von David Baker

„My principal work is at the beach, at the coast, on the rocks and facing the sea. It is the ever-changing possibilities of shore, sea and sky that engage me.
There is something about the way the sea moves, reflects, and glows that mesmerises and transfixes us. We are drawn to the sea perhaps by the chaotic criss-cross of the waves or by the sense of power and force accompanied by the infinitely variable soundtrack. Or perhaps it is that when at the coast, change may be brought about upon ourselves. Elemental and always in a state of flux, the sea transforms in colour depending on the weather or the light. It becomes the edge of change.“
David Baker

Sunlit wave

Sea Fever (North West)

Sea Fever (Hebrides)

Hebridean Shore

Waves with sky II

Waves and sky

Sunset waves

Sea dreams

Waveline V (Newquay)

Marine (OH)

Marine III (Dorset)

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Gemälde von Kevin Peterson

„It’s about growing up and living in a world that is broken. These paintings are about trauma, fear and loneliness and the strength that it takes to survive and thrive. They each contain the contrast of the untainted, young and innocent against a backdrop of a worn, ragged, and defiled world.“
Kevin Peterson

Protector, 32 x 48, oil on panel, SOLD

Forecast, 42 x 60, oil on panel, SOLD


Savior web



lovelywebFire, 26 x 36, oil on panel, SOLD

Graffiti Girl


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Cassandra Leopold (Link)

Emily Bree Richards (Link)

Rebecca Wild (Link)

Lil Ashton (Link)

Liz Atkin (Link)

Interface Anti Self Portrait Series 2007-8




moving traces

Gemälde von Matt Story

„I try to paint contemporary life as to capture crystals of pristine memory that we all share but never describe to one another.  Each composition uses the gesture of figure or setting to evoke a platonic form, an archetypal notion, a distilled essence, that thing that lasts beyond the moment.“
Matt Story

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